Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The President Stands Alone!

As far as I know or have ever heard, we have never had a President who delights in ridiculing the very people he wants to vote for him. Or is it only those who disagree with him. No matter, what is demonstrated on nearly a daily basis, he has absolutely no respect for the citizens of a country and its forbears who have made it great.

Item: A few days ago he was heard to say that no matter whether our ancestors came over on a slave ship or through Ellis Island or swam the Rio Grande, we are all equal citizens of this country. Folks, I beg to differ. My dad and somewhere back in your lineage, I'm sure there was someone who worked hard to become a naturalized citizen so we could be American citizens by birth. HE IS WRONG! to equate swimming the Rio Grande with Ellis Island.

Item: Today instead of accepting the fact that border security has suffered under his administration he took the time to ridicule those who feel the importance of border defenses by saying they won't be satisfied even with a moat. Now really.

Item: A note about oil. It seems that the media is so wrapped up in blaming the oil companies whose names we know for high gas prices that they haven't done their homework. The big 8 used to include Exxon, Standard Oil, BP, Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Sunoco, Phillips, and others who merged and or bought out each other. Now things have settled down to the Big 4 which include Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP. In reality, the biggest oil companies are the countries where the oil is produced such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and others in OPEC who have national ownership. It seems that about 6 cents is the profit margin of oil companies who have to make the huge investments but sometimes come up with dry holes, are mired in lawsuits, etc., etc. Just keep an open mind. Bill O'Reilly and other conspiracy theorists have not thought it completely through.

Item: A couple of examples of why the US Post Office keeps losing money and needs subsidies. I mailed a package and inadvertently used an old address where rural addresses had been given Road or Street names. Now we're talking really small town and country areas where everybody knows everybody else. I understand they don't have to forward mail after a specified time, but I'll bet it took more time to return the package to me than it would have to deliver it. Anyway, that was my first anecdote.

This week my daughter told me that one day she and her husband needed to mail a letter and stopped at Lowe's on the way to the Post Office. As they were leaving the store they met a postman in uniform entering. They took the opportunity to ask him if there were a nearby drop box and his response: "I'm off the clock." Can you imagine?

Item: How times have changed. When daughter graduated from college in 1975 we helped finance a 6 week trip to Europe with a friend. (Brother was career Air Force and stationed in Europe at the time which made us feel relatively safe as to both comfort zones.) They backpacked and used Eurorail and had a great time. We were reminiscing the other day and agreed that anyone letting two young women do that in this day and age would have to be looney.

Item: In a conversation with #2 son we wondered if it would help if we could insert ethics into the curriculum of every student starting really early in the elementary levels and then keep updating as they worked their way through all the grades. It just seems that so much bad behavior is becoming the norm that we need to call a halt. Teachers blame parents, parents blame teachers and everyone blames the unions for supporting the worst of their membership. How can we stop this and get back to the basic purpose of education?

We are still in the Easter season and should probably be taking advantage of it.

God bless...

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