Friday, May 20, 2011

Black President, White House, anti-Semite, pro-Semite????

Can't tell the player without a program. This has to be the epitome of trying to have it both ways. And who has ever played the game better.....

What was to be gained by the speech of Thursday when he told the Palestinians they had weeks or months to come up with a way to define a plausible or acceptable way to again tell the world that they do not believe Israel has a right to exist?

And how many times has he told the Jewish people that they are the ones who have to give up land or whatever else is necessary to achieve peace by his personal definition?

Since the entire exercise is predicated on how many votes he can get from both factions I'd like to see the actual population numbers and their voting patterns. I can tell you one thing. I am old enough to remember that in 1948 there wasn't an Arab in the world who was interested in Israel until the Jews went in and transformed it into a productive and profitable land. And then all hell broke loose. The first time it was brought to the world's attention in a violent way was the Arafat led atrocity at the Olympics and since then it seems everyone is taking sides.

All I can say is: With as few friends as we have remaining in the world, despite his Apology Tour early on, it would behoove him to stop. And if he won't, we need to stop him. He needs to be replaced.

Other things to think about:

Now that we are getting back the tail section of the helicopter, the next thing is to stop the check writing to our enemies. And call them that if the shoe fits.

Why is there another "Obama Affordable Housing" program starting? We can't even see the end of the first one.

Enough with the pretense of favoring drilling.

My back surgery patient is doing very well, thank you, and the cataract procedure of Wednesday is Okay as well. Thanks for asking.

God bless.....

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