Monday, February 28, 2011


Just access WWW.UNIONREFUND.ORG. And it's your money! A 1988 Supreme Court decision gives union members the right to get back any part of their dues which is used for political purposes. It is easy-just click on the state in which you live, a list of every union in the state will pop up, make your hcoice and the computer will generate an accurate request and put it in the form of a letter for you and Voila! a stamp and envelope and it wings its way to those guys who are playing with your money. Fantastic!

I have two comments on the Wisconsin mess: 1) Hang in there, Governor Walker and 2) Parents of children in the Wisconsin public schools should ask to have their children removed from any classroom being taught by a teacher who took part in the demonstrations. Many of them are guilty of fraud unless they use their vacation days, but particularly if they try to use a sham doctor's excuse to have their cake and eat it too. (If they were actually seen lying to a reporter that compounds the problem.)

Last: Donald Rumsfeld has written a book. Surprise! Surprise! What really surprises me is that he appeared on "The View" with a covey of women who I'm surprised even invited him. Wellll, actually I shouldn't be. That invitation was undoubtedly issued so they would have a target for the day. And did they ever!

Barbara WaWa suggested that he should apologize to the audience and the country for taking our country to war when there were no WMD. She was quite sure that anyone who waa injured or killed had served in vain. Rumsfeld handled himself well and defended his position and the military indicating, as we all know, that there was no one who did not believe that there were WMD in Iraq.

In my opinion Ms. Walters and her cohorts are so full of hate for conservatives who love this country, they should not only apologize to their audience (although they are probably like-minded thinkers if they think before they fall in line,) then the entire country and particularly the military, and then get down on their knees and beg their forgiveness. In a word, leeches who live the high life, stroke each other ad nauseum, and game the systems for all they are worth.

This has not been kind, I know, but I'm asking that some of us at least try to tell those who find them entertaining that they should look at both sides of whatever they are selling.

One of my kids once gave me a little plaque with a photo of a kitten hanging from a branch with the caption "Just hang in there, baby" and I guess that's all we can do.

God bless.........

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