Monday, February 21, 2011

Columbia Graduates Leaders?

When it comes time to vote for someone who will have an influence on your family in the future, will it be one of those snotty kids who laughed at and jeered a young man who had been shot a dozen times and awarded a Purple Heart, or the young Veteran himself? Or, as a matter of fact, do you want to go to the Columbia grad's store or dealership, or his law office or doctor's office, or preaching in your church, or running a factory producing parts with safety features, or building structures or elevators that could fail, or God forbid, teaching your children? Or patronize whatever the young Veteran decides to do?

Be very wary. The damage which can be done by Columbia grads who go on to Harvard Law and end up writing laws and telling future generations how to live their lives can last for generations and have disastrous effects on our country. Or, as Judge Judy has been known to say, these are the people who can have their dog pee on your leg and then tell you it's raining.

Do not let this happen. On a lower economic scale we have teachers striking and setting examples for our kids that are also disastrous. Can you imagine Woody Hayes saying what his grandson said yesterday? The union advocates for me so I can advocate for my students? Is he kidding? I thought teachers were supposed to teach! Where did this kid go to school?

And speaking of school, there was a blurb in our local paper, the beloved Cit Pat, telling the story of how Michelle Obama mentors kids and has convinced Barak to join her with the message that "if they can find time to do it, anyone can find time." She has to be kidding too!

Let's see, She rises in the morning, is served breakfast, sees the girls off to school, goes to her many appointments, etc., meets with her staff and gives them directions, sometimes flies off in her private jet--you get the picture. Now look at your own schedule, man or woman: Rise in the morning, get that breakfast, be sure that all kids are presentable, clean up kitchen, be sure everyone in family has lunch or lunch money and books or briefcase and ipod, everyone in the car, sometimes pump your own gas, drop everyone off and arrive at your job. Put in an 8 hour day and stop on the way home to pick up cleaning, a few groceries, fix dinner, eat, clean up, help with homework, have 15 minute conversation with spouse (if not a single parent) and prepare for sleep if you didn't have to do your own study and preparation for next day. Oh, forgot laundry. Or promise made by one of the kids that you would help out at school in one of a hundred different ways. Weekends are catchup time. And, oh yes, it would be nice to phone your folks once in awhile or talk to a friend or make plans for a night out maybe once a month. (No Air Force jet to take you to New York to see a play or a 2 week trip with a hundred of your closest friends to Spain.) And everyone of you can add at least a dozen things to this list, right?

Oh, shoot!!! You missed your mentoring appointment! A good share of those Columbia grads came from families closer to Michelle's schedules (don't forget the time spent on fittings for First Lady fashions) than they do to ours. And those who started out as we did don't have much trouble learning to live like the elite they strive to be.

Don't let it happen, folks. We need to keep this country pure where even though we are not equally gifted, our vote counts the same and we can have a certain influence for the good in our own little corners of the world and watch it spread as long as we work together. And please, try to carve out a little time for yourself. Read a book, watch or go to a ball game with friends, see a movie, go to Church, attenc a play (amateur or professional,) or play in the sand and lake in the summertime or go skiing or sledding this weekend or play a card game--for fun. Even God rested.

God bless.......

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