Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Course We are Grateful-

At 1:45 Wednesday morning I posted on Facebook something like: I have a Congressman! I have two Representatives from Jackson County as well as two Senators! I have a conservative Supreme Court! And of course we have good representation on the college boards...

However, when we all awoke from our euphoria we realized that the work is just beginning. So Praise God for what we have, but now we have to keep and build on it.

This will be difficult with a President who considers Republicans his enemies. And please don't consider this a mistake. I believe the real description is a Freudian Slip which means that what he really meant slipped out without his thinking. Can't help wondering why he is campaigning in India. No joke, doesn't it sound like he is running for something over there?

We also have to watch the Fed. What is Bernanke thinking? Printing more money so the value and interest rates go down? How low can they go? Pretty soon they may pay folks to borrow money. This is scary stuff and we need to remind people that this is counter productive.

However, the week ended on another bright note. My husband came home just glowing with the story of liberal University of Michigan's incredible win on the football field, but more so because of the patriotic flavor of the day at the Big House. Honor was given to veterans all through the afternoon, all branches of the military along with a flyover originating in Texas with pilots who were grads of U of M and patriotic music throughout. Again, who could ask for anything more?

God bless.......

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Anonymous said...

Don't let the DC Insiders and Lobbyists steal our new congressman! Be sure to let Tim Walberg know that you support the Tea Party Patriots event! Contact information is in the article.