Thursday, August 28, 2008

This does not Compute

I am having a lot of trouble reconciling the need for change with the success stories of all the Democrats up on the stage giving speeches.

#1 - Obama and his wife going to Ivy league schools
#2 - Obama and his wife earning millions
#3 - Obama and his wife being free to go anywhere they want, say anything they want
#4 - Obama criticizing McCain for owning more than one house (in the Obama income bracket
and with 25 years to go until he is 72 I wonder what assets he will accumulate in that time)
#5 - Children whose parents can't afford private Preschool have Headstart
#6 - Can't speak for other states, but Michigan kids who need healthcare have MyChild and others have something comparable
#7 - Healthcare in the United States is unrationed, as is the case with other countries whohave nationalized programs - we are all working to find a way to serve 100% of the
population, but until then those who can't afford private insurance find service at the
nearest ER or Clinic
#8 - Although nothing is perfect, for those who want to learn we have a pretty darn good
education system K-12 with programs enabling those who value further education to
get it
#9 - We have a form of government and Constitution which guarantees, and which we take
for granted, the freedoms which young Americans have died for and for which other
countries can only dream

So what's to change? Keep working on, maybe. Change, never!

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"Andrew" of Jackson, MI said... we take all these things for granted! Great blog! keep up the good work.
~ Andrew Biddinger