Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carbon Footprints? Wipe your feet!

This letter will be printed in the Jackson Citizen Patriot sometime soon but most of you will not see it.

Remember the tale of the"Emporer's New Clothes?" You know, the vain emporer who was duped by rogues who said they were weaving fine cloth which could only be seen by those who were fit for high position or very, very smart.

He ultimately "dressed" in his invisible finery and went out in public where no one had the courage or wanted to be judged unfit or stupid except an innocent child. "But he has no clothes on," said the boy. And all the people realized they had been had.

Does anyone else see the parallel in carbon tax credits? No one will argue that energy needs should be filled by expanding all avenues such as wind, solar, nuclear as well as coal and oil. But to manufacture out of thin air a tax to force what should be a free market process is the elite forcing us common folks to live the way they want us to live and according to their rules.

When government bureaucracies manipulate and mandate our behavior to the point where they determine our thermostat settings while sitting with the elitists in their ivory towers it is time for those of us blessed with common sense to call a halt.

Michigan's last deep recession started in the early 80s due to EPA and OSHA mandating the shape of toilet seats and the height of mounted fire extinguishers with dollars being spent on non-productive projects rather than research, development and workers. Next thing we heard was "the last one to leave Michigan should turn out the lights." What liberals call "acceptable collateral damage" affects families negatively in very basic ways and should be unacceptable to every citizen.

We are being duped into pretending or believing that we follow their directives "for our own good."

We cannot afford this kind of liberal leadership.

We'll cover this topic again, but this is enough for today.

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