Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is an exercise in logic. We must have hit a nerve when the pro-life folks brought to our attention the fact that while in the Illinois State Senate, Sen. Obama voted to prohibit hospital personnel from using life saving techniques on babies who survived a failed abortion attempt.
(The Obama apologists were nearly apoplectic and said we were accusing him of being in favor of killing babies. Well?)

Here's where the logic comes in. The Senator has defended his vote by saying it was connected to a package of bills which he could not support. I would suggest that any other issue could be remedied at a later date, but there is no remedy for the end result of withholding medical care which is death. Death cannot be "fixed" later.

His continued support for third trimester abortions, a position also held by Michigan's State Senator Mark Schauer and a good share of Democrats holding public office, has left them no place to go when the so-called pro-choice lobbyists tell them what they want.

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Adam Blossom said...

Can anybody tell me the difference between abortion and what Scott Peterson did to Lacy Peterson and their unborn child Connor? As I recall, Scott was convicted of murdering Connor as well. If that is murder, then what is abortion? If someone can give me a logical explanation, I will become pro-choice.

However, it sounds to me that they are the same. Thus, why would I support someone that votes to murder an unborn child? I eagerly await someone to give me a logical and rational answer to my questions.