Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey, Occupiers! You're in the Wrong Places! Congress Makes the Laws!

And look what they did when they passed the restrictions on your lives if you ever take out a student loan!!!

Two thirds of you are in debt to the tune of about a Trillion Dollars. You are now a part of our debtor status. And you can never escape! Unlike a mortgage, no one can repossess your degree or your debtor obligation status.

Get this: Student loans are not "dischargeable." If you file for bankruptcy, student loans cannot be included but will continue in perpetuity. Your debt will follow you for life, even to the point of having your wages garnisheed.

They will get first dibs on your tax refunds.

You will be ineligible for federal employment.

Professional licenses can be revoked AND

even your Social Security checks will be docked when you retire!

So, hang out and take free food and make a mess in as many cities as you can, but you can never escape your student loans.

Good luck and

God bless...

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