Sunday, July 17, 2011


No matter what we think about Obama's abilities or motivation or "what does he want to accomplish while in office?" will the end result be the same? Dictatorship by Czars and Bureaucrats plus an occasional Executive Order tossed in may be the answer. Afraid so.

He can talk his way into being re-elected through sheer numbers. How many people do we need to educate? 300,000,000 million being our present population. (actually a little more, but this way the arithmetic is ease) With 13% of the population being Black we have a total population of we have 39 million and 90% who will vote Democratic we have 11.7% of the total. Hispanics are 16% which becomes 48 million and give them perhaps 60% due to the immigration situation and we have 28.8 million. Then we have to add the 1/3 of the Democrat base who would never vote for anything but a straight ticket and we have 99 million but we don't want to count the black and Hispanics already in that number so we subtract one fourth just to be safe and end up with 75 million. Now add them up. (And if you're a real pessimist and think that 70 or 80 per cent of Hispanics will automatically vote Democrat the picture becomes even more bleak.)

I've been rounding up so if I haven't really messed up we're sitting at right around 140 million guaranteed Democrat votes. This comes within 10 million plus one needed to take a victory lap. Given that Republicans come close to one third as well, that leaves the approximately 30 million in the middle called Independents. They only have to get one third of them and we need double that.

Now I realize we are not talking registered voters and all the sophisticated ways of counting Presidential year vote counts, etc., etc. All I want to do is demonstrate that we have a tougher job than they do and that is the Rock.

The Hard Place is going to be whether or not the Tea Party voters will put in the time and effort to really figure out the problems with giving new legislators only one chance before they kick them out. Will they be satisfied to have put them in office and if they don't perform as "ordered" out they go proving that cutting off one's nose to spite one's face is not a dying art.

Please look at the pros and cons of shutting down the government and letting a petty and vindictive President take it out on the Military, poor people and Seniors and successfully blaming it on the Republicans. Kick them out and what do you have? A hat trick for the Democrats and complete control by the very Progressives who are trying to destroy this country.

Maybe a little prayer time along with political study will help.

God bless.......

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