Monday, June 13, 2011

So Many Things to Raise the Blood Pressure---

1-There goes another subsidy!! Now they have something called "Nascar Ethanol" which cannot mean anything other than the guys who are driving for a profit are now receiving subsidies taken not only from fans, but from those who think a sport is more than sitting in a car and turning left.

2- We now have another name to hang on the President: First Enabler. How? He is enabling folks who have no business thinking they should own a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when their income is in the $30 to $50,000 range. This business of affordability programs is nothing more than feeding a gambling addition or any other addictive behavior.

3-Our local paper described 5 companies in the county who have received stimulus money. Four of the 5 put the funds, some refi for good reasons, but basically they either hired more people immediately or strengthened the companies for future hiring. The fifth, however, apparently just moved around things in their accounting procedures, etc. to make their bottom line look a whole lot better. This from the housing and rehab and nursing facility that is more expensive than any of the others in the area. Why would they need the "help?" So your taxes go to keep the upper class lifestyle "looking good." Their words, not mine. (Another enabling example?)

4- Last week we talked about getting rid of the excess prisoner levels in California by deporting all the illegals. Now we hear Eric Holder is implementing the law passed last August letting out the guys who had prison sentences which were "too long" when comparing crack vs powder cocaine.

This was in view of the recent Supreme Court ruling which showed that when Pennsylvania let out a similar group due to the ruling of overcrowding the city of Philadelphia subsequently arrested thousands of those prisoners as follows: 9,732 new crimes including 79 murders, 90 rapes, 1,113 assaults, 959 robberies, 701 burglaries and 2,748 thefts, not to mention thousands of drug offences. And, yes, they had been careful not to release anyone who had originally been arrested with a violent aspect to their crimes.

Added note: Last year the statistics showed a 40 year low in violent crime. Wonder why and wonder what will happen now.... (Another enabling example?)

5- And finally, a little difference of opinion, or at least another aspect of thinking. Stu Varney, one of the financial experts on Fox and a likeable guy from the UK now a naturalized citizen, opined yesterday that we were in trouble because the government's regulations, rules, etc. were keeping small businesses from venturing into the market. Also, as we all know, small business acounts for the majority of jobs. However, I think he forgot one thing in his formula.

From the high point in the 90s when we had huge numbers of new business until now, normal behavior takes us from the introduction of the goods or services, to the acceptance, want and need of that new product, to perhaps what we have now: saturation of the market. The numbers of businesses equal the numbers of customers. (I'm not saying that is the entire answer, just saying it should not be ignored. Of course in a slow market folks with an idea will be more prudent with an investment of time and money that could wipe them out as well as make them rich.)

We went from tropical temperatures last week to frigid temps and cold toes yesterday. At least we weren't flooded out or swept away on the winds.

God bless.........

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