Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mark Brewer Lies Again: manufactures "sleeping judge" photos of Justice ---COMMENTARY FOLLOWS


It is way past time that we use the "L" word to describe liars. No more Mr. Nice Guy! Let's get this out wherever we can. Put it on your Facebook page or any other venue you have.

God bless the good guys and Bob Young is one of the best!

Commentary for this week:

I feel no need to go into detail about any of the following subjects or issues. Suffice to say that nothing has changed, at least not for the better, with any problems we have been agonizing over the last 21-22 months. Let's take a walk down memory land.

Remember Cash for Clunkers? And you older folks can hark back to Nixon's wage and price freeze. What was the net result? It delayed the actual problem which we were trying to avoid. Exactly the same thing is happening with the FORECLOSURE issue. By putting a moratorium on them, it will just be delaying the inevitable and if the Democrats are still in control, they will try another band aid approach and there will be no improvement in the economy or jobs market and all housing values will be down whether you have been in arrears or not.

Schauer is still lying, now even the strongest of supporting unions are asking for waivers from the health care bill, unemployment is stagnant at over 9% unless you live in one of the states such as Michigan where it is still above the average.

The Dems are still using Social Security as a wedge issue when in fact they are holding secret meetings with secret plans to increase the retirement age just wondering if it will be a Lame Duck issue. Of course Schauer still says it is perfectly healthy and nothing needs to be done.

Obama is still campaigning, guess I should say he has ratcheted up his campaigning, and is singling out Karl Rove and others as targets. Strange, isn't it? First he took on the entire state of Arizona and now he sits idly by while foreign countries do his dirty work for him. How proud he must be. So his anti America, anti business and apology tours continue unchecked while he blames the American public for their own unemployment saying we aren't smart enough to retrain for some types of jobs.

I'm going to say it out loud. I've whispered it to a few friends, but in my opinion I doubt that he has ever taken an economics course. Either he had a live stand in or a cardboard cutout going in his place. He just doesn't get it. He wouldn't know a Laffer curve from an S curve let alone a graph showing diminishing returns.

I heard a Democrat pundit opine that there should be at least one thing both parties should be able to agree on. Well, I have the answer: No More Earmarks! Now who do you think is the Party of No?

Today's beauty was a gift from God, hope you enjoyed it.
God bless......


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Anonymous said...

Too bad Tim Walberg can't decide what issue he's going to flip-flop on next.