Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on Sunday

First, is it me or did the Olympics seem to go really fast?

And am I the only one who doesn't feel bad about the Canadian hockey team winning?
Can't imagine the American public getting behind a team like they have.

Heard that the National Enquirer is eligible for a Pulitzer about the Edwards story.
Well, I don't know which rag it was in, but saw a headline at the market on one of those tabloid papers indicating that Obama puts in late night phone calls to Oprah. Just so you know, I'm sitting here shaking my head back and forth, back and forth - - -

Rumor has it that Rahm Emanuel may be leaving his post. Now there's one thing about Rahm. He appears pretty forceful and works to get the Prez to strike while the iron is hot, take no prisoners and get the job done quickly. If he leaves all we have to look forward to is talk and talk and talk and more talk.

If he's going to do the health care thing with Reconciliation, do it!
Then we'll know what we are up against and can plan accordingly. November 2 is just around the corner.

Let's hope for good things to happen this week--
God bless........

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Phooey on the Census Bureau!

You are not going to believe the latest stunt they are using to "educate" the public on what the census is all about. They have to think the country is full of idiots.

Read in the paper that the people of Jackson County are invited to an event at the Michigan Theater to learn about the why and wherefores of the census from a group who are touring the country and if you want, you can tell a bit of your own history to be recorded for the ages.

The tour is going to cover 800, count 'em, 800 stops across the country with a price tag of $3000 each! That is TWO MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! They are expecting and hoping for a crowd of around 200. That is TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH for each attendee in Jackson County. Maybe the cost is less in more populated areas, but really.......

They say that "most" of the "Three Large" as the younger generations calls a thousand these days will be spent on freebies such as T shirts, hats, etc., but I'm sure there is ample cash to pay the local coordinators a few hundred each.

The more money they spend, the more I'm thinking the only answer they deserve for their arrogance is "There are two people and a dog living in this house" and refuse to answer any further questions. I'm pretty sure the Constitution doesn't demand any more information than that, unless some Congress passed a law for more invasion of our privacy.

Anyone out there up for a test case?

APOLOGIES! I skipped a step in figuring out the costs per attendee. It's "only" $150 per.

Have a good Sunday--
God bless........

Friday, February 26, 2010

MY PET PEEVE! Want to Tell Us Yours?

Ever since my first Economics class it has bugged me that the value of the volunteer hours put forth by people in American communities is not counted in the Gross National Product.

Haabitat for Humanity did not even exist when I first started thinking about this, but it seems like forever that organizations like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists, Knights of Columbus, Shriners--these were all men's groups when I was younger and then there were women's auxiliaries of most of them such as lodges like the Elks, Moose, etc. Women's groups were called by any number of names and most were probably affiliated with churches who collected clothing and had fundraisers for "the missions" which I hasten to add were domestic as well as foreign.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, by the way guys, Happy 100th birthday--and school drives for the unfortunate have now grown up to include community service requirements in high schools. People recognize how valuable and rewarding is the giving of t-i-m-e and want to pass that on to the next generations.

It would make the whole problem of unemployment a little more palatable knowing that with extra time on their hands many folks are working for no pay. This is true patriotism and indicative of the American giving nature.

If those guys at the CBO can come up with concrete numbers with the fuzzy statistics that are thrown at them by the White House and Congress, they ought to be able to at least put an addendum on the GNP.

What say you? And is there something bugging you?
Have a good weekend--
God bless...........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vermont and Nuclear Energy

While everyone else is talking about the health care summit today I thought I'd bring up a little known story from today's WSJ about the State Senate of Vermont refusing to extend the license of their nuclear facility. Apparently there may be a leak in a pipe and some chemical may come close to their water supply.

This strikes me as a little odd since their power usage must be fairly low and they can't have too many electrical facilities from which to buy power. Taking that entire plant off line would seem to present another problem Why can't they just fix the leak, if there really is one and if it truly is dangerous.

I guess I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Howard Dean had something to do with the State Senate/government being in that position and could stop any action on the part of the facility. It will be interesting to watch especially in view of Obama now supporting nuclear power.

It started me thinking that we've already paid for the Consumers Midland nuclear plant or however much of it was finished before they pulled the plug. Can't help wondering if it was put in mothballs or bulldozed. I'm thinking someone should be investigating the status of that thing and see if we can't get it going. Seems to me the permits should be or could be updated--

Maybe there's a silver lining in there somewhere--
God bless.........

ps-I worked in the kitchen with the little TV on today and heard the Prez have to backtrack on a couple of his statements. And more than one person wondered why this kind of discussion hadn't taken place a long time ago. Also, when he ragged on John McCain and pointed out that the election was over I couldn't believe my ears. He has been in election mode since way before his own primary and general, non-stop. Who is he trying to kid?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning a Little Early

or last year's spring cleaning a little late. Whatever...

Had a big pile of stuff I hang on to for awhile and weeks or months later it really needs to be tossed, but before I do I want to share a paragraph with you from last October's Imprimis from Hillsdale College written by John Bolton.

"And the path he chooses to take in Afghanistan is going to be significant, not least because of the consequences it will have in Pakistan.

Our interests in Pakistan are even more acute than in Afghanistan, and the potential risks to the United States and to our allies even graver. The reason is that if radical Islamists are able to create enough chaos inside Pakistan to enable them to take control of the government, they will immediately come into possession of a substantial arsenal of nuclear weapons. This would lead to a greater risk of conflict on the Indian subcontinent and also increase the chance that these weapons will fall into the hands of terrorist groups. So our national interest is not simply preventing al-Qaeda and the Taliban from returning to their safe havens in Afghanistan. The cross-border nature of Taliban and al-Qaeda activities requires us to work even harder to ensure that Pakistan's nuclear capabilities don't fall into the wrong hands."

There's more, of course, and they make note of "An audio version of Imprimis is available online at" I have no idea how long they archive articles, but maybe it's still there. I'll check it out.

At any rate, with all the crap, can't think of another word for it, that's going on in Washington, it's easy to forget or ignore really big issues such as this one and the consequences of the Obama foreign policy.

Wonder what that transparent meeting tomorrow will bring--
God bless..........

ps-I checked it out. Just go to the above address, click on Archives. The date to search is October 2009. It's right there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jennifer Granholm--Words Cannot Express My Disgust-

I know I'm speaking to the choir but just have to get this off my chest.

How can anyone sleep at night when they have just taken steps to

1-release prisoners from Michigan prisons
so she can
2)bring in prisoners from Pennsylvania charging them $$
3)"stiffing" the local jails throughout Michigan who are keeping prisoners who
belong in state prisons

How many counties are owed money?
What kind of crimes are those released guilty of?

and please don't even think about telling me about recidivism rates--the 10%, or whatever it is, is 100% to the person attacked.

Is there any way to stop this?

Try to sleep well--
God bless.........

Monday, February 22, 2010

It IS All About Me! And you, and you and you---

So often we hear, in a critical way, that someone is described as being egocentric, or an egoist or egotist or something along those lines. The definition contains the negatives pushing it into the selfish end of the spectrum. Let's think about what "all about me" really means.

I am thinking that it not only is, but should be, all about each one of us. We need to be concerned with how we relate to the rest of the world and to our God. If we don't concern ourselves with those relationships, they either won't exist or they won't develop or they will have a negative effect.

God didn't formulate the Commandments for everyone else. He sent them to me. He sent them to you. And the Beatitudes didn't suggest that you tell your neighbor to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless. He meant for us, or me or you to do it individually.

St. Frances de Sales said "Go out to all the world and spread the good news using words only when necessary." Or something like that. Anyway, what he means of course is that our example is what counts--each of us individually--and that actions speak louder than words.

What I'm trying to get across is that we have a critical year of politics facing us and that we should not be so concerned with winning that we forget that we should be acting in such a way as to win friends and influence people (Andrew Carnegie) with positive goals for our citizens and country.

This is going to be a very difficult year, but we shouldn't lose our dignity, integrity, character and hope. We need to cooperate with the Tea Party, but not sell our souls for victory. We need to make them see that both of us need to put candidates in the primary under the Republican label so we can win in November.

Good night--
God bless..........

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What makea a Democrat tick?

And why have they changed so much through the years? Just ran across a part of John F. Kennedy's Inauguration address of January 20, 1961 which goes:

"We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty."

Can you imagine any Democrat President making that same statement from Jimmy Carter forward? I didn't think so. They all care too much what the rest of the world thinks of us--especially all of the newly named third world countries and beginning with the elitist Europeans starting with France and Germany.

With the exception of the UK those people just never learned how to say "thank you" at their mother's knees. I'm thinking they either feel guilty or spend time thinking up reasons why they shouldn't be grateful that we did just what Kennedy said we would continue to do.

I realize there are strategy concerns for us, but the fact that we have bases at our expense in their countries which alleviates the need for them to pony up the funding to defend themselves just reinforces their sense of entitlement and that "the Yanks will do it."

Watching the political circuses throughout the world is making me wonder just what goes into the personalities of folks in different countries and why they act as they do--

Have a good week--
God bless..........

ps-To leave a comment, just click on the word "comment." I tried it out and the instructions are there. It's really easy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrate? 500 Posts Yesterday

I guess we should call that a milestone and can't think of a better way than to take a short break.

The only thing I would really address is a reconciliation vote. When I predicted that maneuver it was a hope against hope that they would decide against using it. Of course that was before Scott Brown and that election sort of made it less likely, at least I thought so since the attitude of the country had changed by then. Now, however, they are talking about it openly. I just don't understand their thinking.

I would think they would alienate the whole country even to those who favor their plan in that the method smacks of dictatorial powers in not caring what the voter thinks. We'll just have to wait and see.

One other thing. A friend asked if I could give simple instructions on how to Comment on postings. I promise to try to figure out the easiest way--you know I'm not the brightest bulb when it comes to the intricacies of these machines.

Have a great Sunday--
God bless........

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama Teaching Us to Trust by Lying More Smoothly?

He really has a low opinion of the American public, doesn't he?

A PayGo Commission is supposed to work with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans picked by each party, but he gets to have not just one, but four tie-breakers chosen by Himself. And given that he picked Erskine Bowles already, remember him? His last job was a political assignment with Hillary's campaign, so who's he trying to kid about bi-partisanship?

His picks will undoubtedly be some of the people he had picked for Czar positions but hasn't had time to appoint as yet, or are so far out there even the Democrats will throw a hissy fit.

Besides, why does he need outside suggestions? He campaigned on having the best ideas going and should not need any input from anyone else. Or maybe Soros and his cronies think it would look better this way and give them a place to spread the blame when it fails.

And by the way, why was the Dali Lama escorted from the White House past the trash?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had By All-

Walked in the house from attending the Jackson County Lincoln Day Event a few minutes ago and need to unwind. It is always so energizing to hear that you're not the only one thinking that we need to be strong militarily, that we should be thinking about the burden we are in danger of leaving for our future generations, that we are just about to change the 85% of the population who happen to be satisfied with their medical service and coverage for the 15% who aren't or don't have any coverage and depend on the ER. And in the end there will still be the same number of people with no coverage as there are now.

As for the debt, our speaker Cong. Mike Rogers reminded us that President Obama and his Congress have tripled the amount which in his one year time span equals more than all of the other Presidents combined--including Bush. What a feat.

Cong. Rogers told the story of WWII vets now 77, 78 and 79, going to Bastogne to visit their battleground. There were present some people in their late 60s who were children hiding in basements at the time and with whom the American soldiers shared their rations and gave dry socks. "This is what the American military does." And this what they are still doing halfway across the world. We need to be proud of the young men and women who represent us in all service areas. The greatest generation continues through the present day.

Most statewide candidates attended, Sharon Wise-State Deputy Party Chair, and all but two local candidates.

Awards were given to Sheriff Dan Heyns for Republican of the Year, Ray and Debbie Snell for the Haskell and Mary Nichols Award and Leland Prebble for the Hazel Melon Award. We try to surprise these folks and this year I can truly say that each recipient was dumbfounded.

Looking forward to spring-
God bless............

ps- (Friday morning) Cong. Mike also shared that this so-called bipartisan meeting was called yesterday to look over the presentation of the Democrat plan today and take action on it. I have this vision of each reader's eyebrows being raised, a questioning look on your faces and uttering under your breath "You've got to be kidding."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lenten Season

Talked to a friend today who told me she was giving up saying bad things about Obama, but doesn't know how a conversation about politics can be complete without one single word about him.

I guess there's a new book out which isn't too flattering about Bill Clinton and he used bad words to describe his opposition. All of which actually are perfect adjectives describing his sexual harassment of women who worked for him. That has to be the lowest form of a power play ever.

And as for the President talking about generating trust between the administration and both sides and houses of Congress, it boggles the mind that he can continue to give speech after speech telling lie after lie and talk about trust. We thought the Clintons were pathological liars, but they weren't even in the race.

After seeing how China pollutes the ground waters and air in their own country and doesn't even make a pretense of improving the numbers, how can the rest of the world seriously think it will do them any good at all to work toward lofty goals.

This kind of reminds me of when the kids were young and most of my friends and I always told our own that if they couldn't say anything good about someone they shouldn't say anything at all. It just seems to get tougher and tougher with a certain element of society.

Prayer must be the answer--
God bless.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mackinac Center Blog and Capitol Confidential

This is the second time I've mentioned this, but I would like to reiterate that this is now a daily entry into what is going on all over the place.

It seems Gov. Granholm disrespects the Mack Center, laughing and scoffing at the mere mention of the think tank which, if she had taken just a couple per cent of their advice it may have made a positive difference for all of us. Shame on her.

Our local columnist, Brad Flory, really told it like it is when describing her last foray into raising taxes on doctors because "they are rich" or words to that effect. Brad observes how much it costs in time and resources to become a doctor and also that they have the wherewithal to just pack up and leave if the taxes are prohibitive compared to other places.

Wonder if that is the legacy she wants to leave. "Governor Granholm responsible for less and less medical service to Michigan citizens" might be a great headline for her, but it surely does no good for the rest of us.

What can she be thinking? If she's thinking at all-----

God bless........

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympics, or Dog Show?

Had to tape the dog show--it will take less time to watch without commercials. There is nothing like watching the poetry in motion on the ice and then go scooting over to the snowboarding. They're both enjoyable, but going from the sublime to the ridiculous is not that much of a stretch.

You can go days without missing a thing if the TV set isn't turned on and then here we go with a couple of good things back to back. Oh, well-that's life.

And speaking of life, you gotta wonder how some people come up with their priorities. Especially when you're dealing with the Catholic Church.

We have a world that is falling apart at the seams with friction everywhere, people dying from natural and man made disasters and our Bishops have been hard at work updating the wording of the missal.

I seem to remember the days after WWII when there must have been a gazillion prayers said through the next forty years until the Berlin Wall came down. Those prayers were for the conversion of Russia. Now, instead of asking for the prayers of the millions and millions of Catholics in the world and perhaps asking for all of the Christians to join us, we're editing a prayer book which was last changed in 1975.

We have a country where Christian kids are not allowed to refer to their God in the public schools and merchants are afraid to put up religious displays for fear of offending agnostics or atheists. Add that same attitude in Europe and then throw in the killing done in the name of Allah and we should all be down on our knees.

Don't mean to preach, but someone has to start somewhere--
God bless........

ps-As soon as I get my friend Tomoko to translate last night's comment, I'll share it with you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Those Old U.S. News School Reports--

Since all my kids are grown and have kids I haven't paid much attention to the yearly ratings by U.S. News for a long time, but ran across this year's January report this week. This was the one on high schools, not colleges.

They still have their standards and methods in place, but something not explained that I'm thinking should have been is that low population states will always have a tough time competing against states with high population and correspondingly high income areas allowing for the best of the best with professionals who put a different value system on education than rural areas.

I know goals for higher education have increased through the years, but in my opinion it is still difficult for folks who are having a tough time making ends meet to have the time and energy to push their kids or pay others to do it for them as is the case in high income areas.

In particular the rankings by state included several states at the bottom of the list who not surprisingly were the same states where there is only one Congressman and two Senators or two of each. North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico come to mind along with the observation that there are many Indian reservations in those states where the schools have always been wanting for excellence. With the federal government encompassing the Bureau of Indian Affairs controlling the hospitals as we spoke of a few weeks ago plus the education systems it is no wonder they are not high achievers.

I would hope that Arne Duncan who is one of the best cabinet picks by Obama will be able to convince the President that the Indian reservation is certainly an area where he would be able to make a lot happen by Executive Order and wouldn't be stymied by the likes of Dick Durbin who holds the kids who live in Washington, D.C. hostage by not allowing the legislation necessary to give those kids a great education--as long as the highly paid bureaucrats and legislators send their kids to high priced private schools, it is just heart breaking to watch.

There are so many angles to the education problem we could post on that subject every day for a month and still not cover it. We'll just keep picking away at it as it appears in front of us.

Hope you have a good week in store-
God bless..........

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?


And I think that is the total difference between what has been in the headlines for the last year as far as politics goes, along with the depressing reaction after watching a bunch of politicians jockeying for position-

and what a joy it is to watch young people who have set goals early in life get up in front of the world with confidence that they have worked hard and respect each other for the effort they have all expended. They are Olympic athletes who have so many ordinary people cheering them on. It must be heady stuff.

It is truly uplifting to look at the college kids excel in their sports even though only a few will ever consider the work involved in going for either the Pro teams or the Olympics.

You gotta wonder who the grown ups are. And please don't even think about comparing a campaign to the 24/7/365 times the years involved in a sports dedication. There is no way anyone can "buy" their way into a championship. Doubly tough when it's a team effort.

So that's my thought for today and this weekend-
I'll be watching the dedicated few for the next few days-

God bless..........

Friday, February 12, 2010

"At Some Level We Are All Just Statistics--"

You can make up whatever parallels you want, but at this point in time I'm thinking this entire country can be likened to a giant chess board with Obama as the King, and only a few knowing who the Queen, who has more power than anyone else, really is. And then the above quote can put all of us in categories we would not choose for ourselves. I'm not sure I like it, but it made an impression on me when I read it last week.

I'm thinking all those people who say they don't vote because all politicians are alike are finally seeing the true differences. Things are happening that only the voters can stop.

And on top of that I'm thinking that the most effective yard signs, billboards, bumper stickers and other "advertising" will be similar to the international signs that are circles edged in red with a corresponding red slash through some word or words meaning NO. Such as Socialism, Cap & Trade, Obamacare or any other issue that will help kill the economy and our freedoms.

I don't mind belonging to the "Party of No" if it means stopping this President and his administration.

Watch the Winter Olympics-
We all need a little escape time-
God bless............

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day Care Providers Now Union Members

A few weeks ago we talked about the unions forcing membership on day care providers giving the reason that they were being paid for by some government funding so had to be under the rules and regulations of the federal government.

The Mackinac Center filed suit which ended up being dismissed. I believe they are pursuing other possible methods of working this out, but this post is not yet ready.

The reason we are bring it up again is that John Stossel, who is now a Fox Finance contributor gave a short synopsis of the story this afternoon. He interviewed three women who own day care centers, have at most one other employee and whose businesses are in their private homes.

When they receive checks from government agencies the union dues are subtracted before they receive them. There are approximately 40,000 such businesses which are paying dues to the tune of $3.7 million!

This is more than a scam--this is robbery. We'll keep you posted if there are any further developments.

And did you hear that the Governor's budget as presented is over $2 billion more than the current year's? Arrrrgh!

Easy does it, don't want our blood pressure to go sky high--
God bless.........

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Midweek Random Thoughts

Well, let's have another "duh!"

After about a half dozen stories about Obama mispronouncing "corpsman" as corpse man with the subsequent criticism of the folks who put things on his teleprompter and not giving him a heads up on phonetic pronunciation, hasn't it occurred to any of those pundits that that is part of the problem? He has surrounded himself with people who feel the same way he does about the military and wouldn't have a clue.

And how about the letter to the Ed of the Cit Pat last week blaming the Supreme Court for the unfair advantage by corporations and lack of knowledge ordinary or average people have about the candidates for whom they vote. Dear Betsy suggested having them take an exam.

May I point out that there is a responsibility on the part of voters to educate themselves on the candidates? That it means more than just listening to or reading ads. May I suggest it isn't that difficult to pick up the phone and ask questions. (Any candidate who has an unlisted number should be stricken from your list of potential votes.) How about attending public forums where questions can be submitted? Watch and listen to television and radio panel discussions. On the candidate's website you will always find a "contact" key. Other than that you may frequently find written position papers authored by the candidate. One of the best ways is to look at previous voting records of anyone who has held office before. (Unless publicly repudiated that usually constitutes a reliable pattern.)

I'm sure anyone can find just about any information they believe important, but just remember "Democracy is not a spectator sport." And before I forget, corporations are no less representative of their stockholders than unions are of their membership.

Tomorrow is another day--
God bless..........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Psychology Part II

Last week when we talked about why the President is always critical of anyone who doesn't agree with him and/or blames George W for any problem he has, we looked at his childhood when it would be obvious that anyone whose father visited him only a couple of times before his mother divorced and remarried, then he was living in a foreign country where no doubt he felt he didn't measure up due to problems with language or whatever else went with that new territory and ultimately was sent away, there would be obvious consequences.

One can see clearly that when living with his grandparents who would certainly have wanted to make up to him for his early years, they would bend over backward to make him feel wanted and to feel good about himself. This probably started the compensation which brought him to think that he could do no wrong.

Actually this is kind of a mixed up scenario. To move from a position of inferiority to one of superiority has to be one heckuva mind game, but apparently anyone who praises him and plays the game will have his undivided loyalty. It's no wonder he is now looking down on anyone who disagrees with him and he must be in a quandary as to why the people who voted for him are not being loyal.

When we look at the Czars and others surrounding him we shouldn't be surprised at anything that comes from the White House. AND, if anyone really thinks he will do anything but pay lip service to his "invitation" toward bi-partisanship, they have a problem.

Be careful on the roads if you have to travel-
God bless...........

Monday, February 8, 2010


Now everyone is all warped out of shape about the fact that Social Security, for the first time, is sending out more than it is getting in from workers. Well, duh!

They and their predecessors have just spent it instead of holding it for its originally intended purpose.

For the six years as 6th Vice Chair-Senior Issues, I traveled the state and talked about the history of Social Security and what had always been considered the third rail of politics. That was from 1998 to 2004 and George W also tried to make folks think about how to solve the upcoming problem, but the Dems wouldn't do anything but accuse him of furthering privatization. And now I'll just bet there is going to be a whole lot of finger pointing by them at guess who--us.

With Mike Rogers coming to Jackson for Lincoln Day I'm reminded that in his first campaign I accompanied him to Senior Centers and made the presentation. I'm hoping there are still people around who remember the material. I'm thinking I should get it out again. But we need to do more than say "I told you so."

A couple of other points:

1) The fact that Obama is issuing an invitation to Republicans to join in the health care discussion is ample proof that they weren't welcome before. Just watch his language.

2) We ought to suggest to our legislators that they take as much time as possible in working through health issues. In that way we might be able to delay discussions on Cap and Tax (Trade) for as long as possible.

Get your snow shovels and boots out--
God bless........

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long Term Goals

It may be just a dream for me, but if enough people put their minds to it, we should be able to solve our money problems and get a 2 for 1 bonus if we can just get the votes to accommodate drilling for oil in our own country.

I'm hearing about areas inland as well as offshore which would give us at least 100 years worth of that black gold.


The costs of anything made with oil would go down,
Transportation costs of products delivered over the road would go down,
We'd have more money in our own pockets if we could control pump prices,
Public transportation costs including air would go down,
The law of supply and demand would benefit all oil users world wide,
Jobs associated with the oil industry would go up,

With these savings the country as a whole would be better off with that old adage:
"A rising tide lifts all boats" being felt by all citizens.

The government could quit borrowing, the debt and deficit would decrease and once we are self-sufficient we could envision a balanced budget now and later.

Only one thing stands in the way: A Congress that bends to the will of special interest groups such as environmentalists plus the propensity for earmarks. We can no longer stand for building airports with public monies which have only two flights per week.

I'm thinking there would be a lot of squealing by EPA, OSHA, Sierra Club and others, but let's face it. We have learned to recycle and save resources and it makes sense to continue. Most of us realize that most rich people are rich because they don't throw their money away.

Maybe this will be a positive week for a change--
God bless.......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Me? Talk About Football?

Just when you think there is no common sense left in Washington or Lansing and that's as bad as it gets, it gets worse.

How can guys who own football teams--you know, the ones who had to have been smart enough to be successful businessmen and women in order to accumulate the money to buy into a team--

plus the guys who somehow got through college, making me think they have some smarts as well--

put themselves in the position of the baseball saga of a few years ago?

There can be no winners in this if they think that by denying guys who are gaga about football their weekly, and in some cases more often, fix, they can come out ahead.

Those players who think they are idols for kids from 10-100 years old will be sorely disappointed if they take themselves out of the equation. It will be just like quitting smoking or drinking. Once viewers have gone a year without Pro football, even if they lapse and go back to watching, it will never be the same.

Not only that, players will be another year older when or if they return. Bodies do age, you know. Memories are short and during that year their audience will have found some other interest areas and may never return to the game.

This will not be lost on advertisers.

My advice, they'd better figure out some way to save face and save the season or the remotes will be in the hands of the feminine householders for a long time to come.

Think about it--
God bless...........

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pure Michigan?

I guess I should be crawling out of my cave any day now since it's obvious I am not aware of what is going on in Michigan.

When we returned from our Christmas jaunt to the South and came back across the state line, we saw the welcoming sign which said "Pure Michigan." We looked at each other and neither one of us knew what it was all about and promptly forgot about it.

When we returned from Chicago a couple of weeks ago and saw the same message again, we still hadn't thought enough about it to check it out and promptly forgot about it once more. Of course we knew it had to be a tourism gimmick, but really couldn't put any obvious message with it.

And then the light dawned when it became a bragging point in the Governor's State of the State speech Wednesday night, so I googled it only to find that it was started way back in 2006, got a big boost in dollars in 2008 and a good return on investment. That's all well and good, but as I recall, it was a Canadian firm that did the study to find out all about the statistical data. Not a Michigan firm, not even a U. S. business, but a foreign country. Wonder why--

I can't help wondering why Michigan folks didn't get to see this national ad campaign just so we'd know enough to welcome all these tourists who would be coming into our state if we crossed paths. Better late than never? Or don't I watch enough television?

One other thing about that speech. She was spot on when she thanked her family for the sacrifices they made for her and presumably the state of Michigan. Whenever anyone has ever asked for my opinion of a tentative campaign we discuss all of the obvious needs from money to time to health. But before the conversation ends I have always made the point that they need to look very carefully at what they are asking of their children, their wife or husband, siblings and parents because they are not making a decision just for themselves, they are completely changing the lives of those closest to them. It is not easy being a public servant and from the swearing in to the end of a term, their lives do not belong to themselves. They are truly a public servant 24/7.

Have a good weekend--
Happy Super Bowl--
God bless...........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Marshal Plan or Nation Building--

I get just a bit bent out of shape when the liberals have a fit about nation building in Iraq.

When I think of what it cost this country in resources of all kinds, but especially over 400,000 young men and women's lives, plus putting the world back together again after WWII, it boggles the mind to think of what the liberal isolationists would have had to say about that.

That contribution then and apparently for eternity in the form of the Okinawa air base and defense of Japan and other Asian countries when they don't even want it really irritates the heck out of me. If we pull out of that place we could save a whole bunch of money. That job is done. So what if we make life better for the Iraqis, especially the women? That is minuscule compared to other reparations we have made. And we can actually see it happening.

As, incidentally, can the Iranians. We should be giving moral support to the young protesters, not thumbing our noses at their efforts.

And for some of the younger readers out there may I point out that the Marshall Plan made it possible for the German and Japanese industrial base to use modern methods of manufacturing with environmentally sound practices built in. Then guess what happened in the early 80s. The U.S. with OSHA and EPA running amok mandated that American industry needed to adhere to their standards with millions and millions of dollars put into non-productive budgets for air and water quality regulations.

Result? No funds available for Research and Development and ordinary modernization in a timely fashion was instead fast tracked and our last major recession was the result. Now Cap and Trade is going to do the same thing. It seems some of those people in Washington will never learn. I heard it called the "Copenhagen Syndrome" the other day. Well, it sure is making me sick.

Today I heard a very wise man say that the words and ideas we express are like seeds that grow wherever they are heard. Made me think that this post should be a lot more positive, but in this political climate that is so much easier said than done.

Enough for now-
God bless........

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Armchair Psychology 101

Husband and I were talking about how sometimes politics involves sounding just like a couple of gossips chattering over the back fence.

Back in the day if I remember correctly, we were given a definition of a gossip which went something like: gossips really have an inferiority complex. When they gossip, they tend to bring others down which makes them feel much better about themselves.

I'm sorta reminded of that when I hear people who are always critical of others which makes them feel better about themselves. Does this remind you of anyone? Anyone who blames someone else for all the problems they have? Anyone who sometimes "says" he takes the responsibility, but it never changes his behavior? Anyone who says "the buck stops with me" but always manages to infer that the problem is with someone else?

I know it sounds counter intuitive when describing highly placed individuals, but think about it. Just a thought..........

And why is it that whenever the President or any of his spokespersons address an issue they talk as though they are instructors in the classroom and the audience knows nothing? I'm thinking that anyone who watches law and order type shows which demonstrate forensics and human nature -- even 24 -- has a pretty good idea of what is going on in government agencies. It just seems everyone is playing for the camera like Blair did the last couple of days.

One other thing. I don't drive a Toyota, but if I did, the only way they'd keep me or get me back as a customer would be by giving me a rental car while they are waiting for parts and installation.

Don't forget Jackson County's Lincoln Day event on Thursday, the 18th. Just go to to make a reservation. Your opportunity to meet the candidates.

Sleep well--
God bless............

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Party Agreement

If we don't want to have a repeat of the 1992 Perot type split resulting in a Clinton presidency, we need to come to a meeting of the minds. Within the past week I have heard comments ranging from expressions of "we need to do whatever they want us to do because they are much stronger than we are" to "they will destroy the Republican party."

In my humble opinion we need to come to an agreement which will make both of us and the country as a whole stronger and better for the effort.

I don't know where the legitimacy will come from, but the conversation has to end up with an agreement that if we disagree on a candidate from any given district, we should both put up our candidates in the Republican primary. In that way we will do what we have always done, join together as a strong unit for the general election.

It has always been our position that if a Republican is conservative on all issues other than life, we still vote aye since the Democrats recognize only pro abortion candidates. I know there are exceptions, but not enough to negate the general rule.

Again, I'm asking for comments here since the Michigan Republicans are teleconferencing and I'm hopeful that we can come to some kind of agreement on the issue.

Speaking of comments, since I do read the WSJ daily, I remember the original piece on Brazil offshore drilling that I wrote about. The question I had was whether or not there was an agreement not to sell any oil product to the U. S. I appreciate the efforts today. Thanks.

Obama is up to his old format. Give a speech, talking down to the audience as though they don't understand the issue and have no common sense. Did he really think he had to explain PayGo? He sure has a low opinion of the average American.

Time to rest-
God bless.........

Monday, February 1, 2010

Remember a Loan to Drill Offshore for Brazil?

Some time ago we mentioned that the President had approved a loan for offshore drilling for Brazil and my only objection was that if it was good enough for Brazil it should be good enough for us.

I'm having trouble confirming it, but today was told that there's a little more to the story. Number one, that none of the oil would be sold to the United States and Number two, that the company involved would directly benefit George Soros.

If this is true, it makes the payoffs to Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu look like chicken feed. If any reader knows anything about this, please let me know. We need to withdraw this if it's not true, but if it is, we should be hearing more about it.

On the up side of things, as you will recall I helped my 95 year old cousin celebrate his birthday. Received a card today from his daughter with whom I left a copy of my book. I'm thinking I received something close to the ultimate compliment when she said some of the descriptions of my family made her think of the basic values that made this country great.

It's February and it's snowing again after most of it had disappeared-
Sleep well and God bless........